Monday, 10 June 2019

Cost Of Root Canal and the Reason It May Vary

Tooth pain is painful not only for your teeth but it can also hurt your wallet. The reason is that emergency dental care is always expensive. So, the ideal solution in this regard is to never let the emergency occur at first place. For this purpose, you will need to make sure that you go for the regular dental visits in order to get your oral cavity fully analyzed. Nevertheless, you might find your tooth infected enough to need a root canal treatment. In this scenario, the price tag of this treatment may seem scary but you don’t need to be panicked. You need to look through different options to find a cost effective and reliable solution for your infected tooth.

Location matters
The amount you may be charged with for the root canal treatment may vary depending upon the location of tooth which needs to be treated. If you require root canal treatment for your front tooth, you are not going to have to pay much. The reason is that front teeth have one root. On the other hand, molars can have three roots. More roots mean your dentist will have to work harder to address the issue. And so, you are going to have to pay more in this regard.

Another factor which may affect the price of root canal treatment is the region you live in. If you are living in any of the coastal areas, you need to expect to pay more for the root canal treatment.

Severity of the issue
In almost all of the cases, the severity of tooth infection is directly related to the time lapse between the infection initiation and the day at which you get it checked. If the infection is severe, you are going to have to undergo a more complicated root canal treatment which is, obviously, going to be costly. On the other hand, getting the problem checked as soon as you notice the first glimpse of sensitivity can save you from a complicated treatment and, hence, the higher cost of the treatment. If the infection is not quite severe, you may require just a filling rather than a crown after the treatment. And we all know about the price difference between a dental filling and a dental crown.

Retreatment for the previous root canals
If you develop an infection in the tooth which already had a root canal in the past, the procedure is surely going to be extensive for you. The entire process needs to be repeated as your dentist will drill a hole, remove infection and cover the tooth. And you are most likely going to need a crown this time for the covering of your tooth. It’s a no-brainer that you will need to pay more in this regard.

The best way is to make sure that you are on the top of your oral hygiene routine. Proper dental hygiene along with regular dental visits can save you from the troubles of infections and higher costs which you will need to pay to get the infections treated.

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